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Rose Tree Museum

The world's largest rose bush has literally outgrown the pioneer museum it was planted behind. 


The Rose Tree Museum in the famous wild west town of Tombstone, Arizona displays a fine collection of historic artifacts and materials, but the real attraction is the backyard rose bush which is the largest in the world.

Planted in 1885 with cuttings from a”Lady Banksia Rose” that had been sent from Scotland, as the tree was first declared the “world’s largest” in the late 1930’s and has only continued to grow since then. The canopy of the bush-cum-tree now covers nearly 5,000 feet of space and is elevated from the ground by a series of wooden and steel supports. Each year, after the shed husks are cleaned out from around the base of the tree, the plant blossoms with clusters of small white roses. As weather permits, visitors are welcome to visit the museum and spend a lunch beneath the scenic green roof. More information can be found on the Rose Tree Museum’s website

Know Before You Go

The best time to visit is in March and early April when the tree is in bloom.

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