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Blanco Renaissance Museum

Visitors to this museum will find architectural oddities, an art gallery, and an unlikely bird sanctuary.  


Dedicated to the life and work of Don Antonio Blanco, this complex in Bali is a mansion turned art gallery. In 2004, the building also became a bird sanctuary after it gained legal permission from the government to act as a conservation area.

The Bali myna, also known as Rothschild’s mynah, Bali starling, or Bali mynah is a critically endangered bird with fewer than 100 adults existing in the wild. The sanctuary has helped increase the species’ population with a government-approved breeding program.

Blanco lived and worked in his magical hilltop home until his death in 1999.

The museum has a collection of more than 300 works from the artist. There is also an exhibition called the Erotic Room, which displays a large collection of paintings featuring the elegance of the male and female bodies. However, to enter this chamber visitors must be older than 17. There is also a painting studio inside that was often used by Blanco.

The stone arch over the top of the stairs, the Kori Agung, is actually a giant signature of Blanco. It was created by folding the paper vertically while the paint was wet and doubling the signature.

There is a little cafe inside as well, a nice place to sit after taking in the artwork. There is also a fountain in the garden designed to resemble waves in the ocean. 

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