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Mengwi, Indonesia

Ogoh-Ogoh Museum

Giant effigies of Bali's demons and monsters. 

This small but fascinating museum displays the towering effigies of terrifying-looking demons and monsters known as Ogoh-Ogoh in Bali.

On the night of March 16th each year, the day before the annual Nyepi festival, locals celebrate by parading huge, impressively handcrafted Ogoh-Ogoh figures before setting them on fire. The demons take the form of figures from Hindu legends, and the ritual is based on a tradition to banish evil spirits.

Many of the figures from the parade are displayed throughout the rest of the year here in the Ogoh-Ogoh museum. The work that goes into building the mythological monsters, which can get up to 20 feet tall, is remarkable. And the over-the-top expressions and poses (some quite graphic) make visiting this museum feel like you have stumbled onto a set of a horror movie. 

Know Before You Go

A great addition if you are visiting the Mengwi Temple which is close by. Check if open first, the opening hours can be unpredictable.

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