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Canada's Smallest Library

Cardigan, Prince Edward Island

While this is positively the smallest library in Canada, it aspires to be the smallest in the world. 


In a tiny fishing community called Cardigan in the eastern part of Prince Edward Island, stands a library that measures just 3.5 x 3.5 meters, making it the smallest library in all of Canada.

The tiny book repository is owned by John A. MacDonald, who manages the library with a little help from his daughter, Alexandrea. The building has about 1,800 books and a lifetime membership costs just $5, and even better, the return policy for the books is based on the honor system. There are also a couple of chairs for customers to relax and read their books while taking in the breathtaking view of the countryside. But thats just about it. 

MacDonald wants the little shack to be added to the Guinness World Records but sadly there’s no such category at the moment, so he has set his ambitions on the loftier, but definitely official title of smallest library in the world.

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