Carhenge – Alliance, Nebraska - Atlas Obscura

Jim Reinders, an experimental artist with a history of using curious media, became so enthralled by the beauty of the famous Stonehenge in England that he had to recreate it. However, Reinders, instead of using stone, decided to embrace a more modern, Americanized approach. Shortly after his father died in 1982, Reinders came up with the idea to build “Carhenge.”

During a family reunion five years later, with the help of some thirty-odd family members, Reinders used thirty-eight automobiles to mirror the position of the rocks that make up Stonehenge. All the automobiles, which include a handful of cars, a pick-up truck, an ambulance, and a 1962 Cadillac as the heel stone, accurately and proportionately depict the real life structure.

Completing the sculpture just in time for the Summer Solstice, the family celebrated their achievements with drink and song. The residence of Alliance were initially disturbed by the presence of Carhenge, believing it to be an eyesore, but over time have grown to accept and love the structure that put their town on the map.

Know Before You Go

3 miles north of Alliance, Nebraska on highway 87.Carhenge is available to the public 24/7. For an extraordinarily spooky experience, go and view this sculpture with nothing more than flashlights in the middle of the night. It's as if you're encountering an automotive zombie happening. Bring a Sharpie with you, there is a car on top of the hill that you can autograph.