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Mosca, Colorado

Colorado Gators Reptile Park

The world's only reptile park to offer gator wrestling classes, located in a state with no gators. 

Colorado is known for its gorgeous red rock formations and wide-open spaces, but one small reptile park has made it a destination for leathernecks looking to get into alligator wrestling.

In 1987 local farmers Erwin and Lynne Young purchased 100 baby alligators to combat an overpopulation of fish in the geothermal well on their property. However the little baby reptiles soon grew to monstrous proportions in the naturally warm waters. After word spread about the out-of-place reptiles, people began dropping off their unwanted snakes, crocodiles and turtles, and suddenly the Colorado Gators Reptile Park was born. Opened to the public in 1990, the park now serves as a sanctuary for unwanted exotic pets and focuses on education regarding the animals and their care. They also offer the only known alligator wrestling classes in the world, although the focus is on subduing the beasts to check for wounds, and not for glory.  

We repeat – they offer gator wrestling classes. 

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