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Edwardstown Anglican Church is permanently closed.

Edwardstown Anglican Church

Saint-Chrysostome, Québec

With the chapel itself being left to moulder, the cemetery of this abandoned church might be the freshest part. 


This rotting 19th century church doesn’t look as bad as it could considering it has been abandoned for decades, but the small cemetery on the grounds looks even better. 

St-Matthews Episcopal Church, otherwise known as the Edwardstown Anglican Church was originally built in 1847 in order to minister to the settlers flocking to the area. Earlier in the decade, a nearby school house was all that was available for those wishing to hold their Christian services. The land the school stood on was only made available on the condition that it could be used as a community burial ground, and that Protestant services could be held there as well. However, the school was eventually turned into a Catholic school and the Protestants needed to create a new space to worship, and the Edwardstown Anglican Church was born. 

The little church flourished and ministered to one flock or another for over a century before finally closing its doors in 1985, after the building was badly vandalized and robbed beyond recovery, and the flock moved to an alternate location.

Since then the church has sat empty, slowly decaying in the Canadian scrub. Urban explorers have taken to exploring the old church’s corpse, but outside, the little churchyard cemetery looks amazingly alright, thanks to a local caretaker.

Update November 2017: The Church was demolished by order of the diocese.

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The green lot on the map is the Church and Cemetery St. Matthew (Edwardstown)

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