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Bang Muang Mai, Thailand

Erawan Museum

This museum has a most unusual location — inside a giant three-headed elephant. 

To reach this unique three-headed elephant museum in Bang Muang Mai, Thailand, and the treasures it holds, you start with a walk through the gardens filled with statues of mythical Thai creatures.

Three stories high, the 250-ton body of the elephant is scaled by climbing an intricately carved stairway lined with ornate pillars. Featuring all major religions and a fantastic stained glass ceiling, the magnificent interior leads into one of the heads, where there is a temple and ancient Buddha statues on display. 

Below ground is a museum of Thai pottery built by Lek Viriyaphant, the same man behind the Sanctuary of Truth and Ancient Siam Park, who sought to preserve Thai cultures and arts for future generations.

Know Before You Go

Short taxi ride from BTS Bearing.