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London, England

George Inn

It may be a historic 17th-century coaching inn, but the George Inn still functions like a modern pub.
Isle of Wight, England

The Durbar Room

This elaborate banquet hall in Queen Victoria's summer residence is an homage to Indian architecture, including miniature models of palaces in India.
London, England

Victoria Park's Old London Bridge Alcoves

These remnants of Old London Bridge possess unique acoustics that allow for whispered conversations to carry from one side to the other.
Hastings, England

Saint Clement's Caves

A former smuggler's haven houses "The Chapel" and its mysterious carvings.
Battle, England

The Oldest Guy Fawkes Effigy

Every fifth of November, effigies of Guy Fawkes are thrown onto bonfires across Great Britain. But this Guy has managed to survive his fiery fate for almost 300 years.
Reading, England

Maiwand Lion

The lion represents a fascinating part of English history, and the story of a man who obsessed over its creation.
London, England

Site of the Tabard Inn

The location Geoffrey Chaucer and tale-telling pilgrims set off for Canterbury in April 1386.
Ipswich, England

Bobby Robson Statue

A life-sized statue commemorating the former manager of Ipswich's football team.
Manchester, England

People’s History Museum

One of Manchester’s museums has gathered and preserved British political paraphernalia covering over 200 years.
Farnborough, England

British Army Aeroplane No.1 Replica

This replica pays tribute to the first powered and sustained flight in the United Kingdom and the eccentric aviator who enabled it.
Colchester, England

'Walking Woman' & 'Man With Cup'

Two larger-than-life Sean Henry sculptures blend in with the people of Colchester's high street.
Lullington, England

Lullington Church of the Good Shepherd

This tiny church is one of England's smallest.
Lewes, England

The Lewes Shark Weather Vane

This toothy tower topper commemorates a valuable shark that washed ashore nearby.
Friston, England

Grave of 'Washed Ashore'

This simple wooden cross is said to mark the grave of an unknown sailor who washed ashore nearby.
Battle, England

The Battle Tapestry

This modern artwork, inspired by the Bayeux Tapestry, tells Battle's early history following the Battle of Hastings and the Norman Conquest.
Wilmington, England

The Wilmington 'Madonna'

This church is home to a 1,600-year-old tree, but also a mysterious carved figure who may have been a pagan idol.
Colchester, England

Jumbo Water Tower

The largest Victorian water tower in Britain.
Hastings, England

William the Conqueror's Dining Stone

Tradition says that William the Conqueror dined on this stone after landing his Norman invasion fleet nearby.
Hastings, England

The Piece of Cheese Cottage

This tiny triangular cottage is one of a kind in England, and has housed everything from a watchmaker's studio to coffin storage.
Farnham, England

The Pump House

This restored pump house gives a glimpse into the past when communal water supplies were common.
Jevington, England

The Birthplace of Banoffi Pie

This blue plaque commemorates the unexpected origin of one of the world's most beloved deserts.
Manchester, England


Over 70 independent businesses have set up shop in this former Victorian department store.
Hastings, England

Marine Court

This seaside property, an example of Art Deco Streamline Moderne style, was designed to embody the curves of a great ship.
London, England

The Cathedral of Sewage

This elaborate Byzantine-style building was designed for a not-so-pretty purpose.