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Jeju Glass Castle Theme Park is permanently closed.

Jeju Glass Castle Theme Park

A theme park made of glass, from the gleaming books on the shelves to the crystal fish in the mirror lake. 


“Museum” may be a more apt term for the Jeju Glass Castle Theme Park, since everything is made from shaped glass and is not really conducive to the roughhousing usually associated with a raucous fun fair. 

The delicate collection is divided into indoor and outdoor sections, each with their own variety of delicate glasswork. The exterior garden features such amazingly naturalistic installations as a glass waterfall, glass flowerbeds, and lake made of mirrors with fish constructed out of used soju (a popular Korean alcohol) bottles. The indoor sights include a towering green glass beanstalk in the center of the exhibition hall, a room full of mirrors where visitors can get lost in their infinite reflections, and even a glass bookshelf with glass books.

The bright crystalline colors of the over 200 pieces at the castle are mainly not to be touched lest the entire site comes crashing down from an errant poke, but there are a number interactive bits such as the glass drums which attendees can bang on if they dare. For an extra fee, visitors can even experience making their own glass creations. 

The Jeju Glass Castle Theme Park bills itself as an attraction for the whole family. Just make sure nobody trips. 

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According to Google Maps, the place is permanently closed.

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