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Jim Murray Memorial

Newmains, Scotland

This bronze statue pays tribute to a Scottish professional boxer, who tragically died following a championship fight.  


Situated beside Newmains roundabout resides a fitting tribute to James “Jim” Murray, a local boxer who lost his life following a brain injury while competing in a boxing match. Born in a small village in Lanarkshire, Murray gained a reputation for his formidable punches and relentless spirit in the ring as he made a name for himself in the Scottish boxing world before turning professional in March 1993.

It was on the evening of October 13, 1995, when this local sporting hero was tragically involved in a boxing injury that led to his death just two days later. The fight took place in the Grand Ballroom of the Hospitality Inn in the center of Glasgow. The bout was for the bantamweight title and pitted Murray against Drew Docherty. The match was the main attraction and drew a crowd of around 700 people. 

In the 12th round of the fight, Murray collapsed to the canvas, became unresponsive, and had a seizure before an onlooking doctor ran to his assistance. He was rushed to hospital by paramedics, but sadly after an attempted life-saving neurosurgical procedure, his life support system was shut down.

This life-sized bronze statue of Murray in his boxing outfit allows locals and visitors to pay their respects to a man who died doing what he loved. 

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The statue sits across the road from the main roundabout in Newmains. Situated in the middle of the roundabout is the village's war memorial. 

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