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Pierre Bazalgues Macabre Antique Stand is permanently closed.

Pierre Bazalgues Macabre Antique Stand

Skeletons, medical artifacts, and other obscure and precious treasures all displayed in a wooden pharmacist's cabinet. 


When visiting a curiosity cabinet, crypt, or a natural history museum do you find yourself holding back a reprehensible compulsion to steal everything you see? Does adding a pickled brain or a Templar knight wax figure to your private collection feel almost worth the jail time?

A visit to Pierre’s antique shop in the Parisian flea market Marche Paul Bert might be a solution, as all sorts of obscure and precious treasures are for sale. Showcased in an early-century wooden pharmacist’s cabinet, animal skeletons, antique medical specimens, plaster ecorches and human skulls covered in ancient tribal art  contrast sharply with the kitchy, rococo artifacts one often finds in Marche Paul Bert.

Pierre Bazalgues is a true memento mori specialist. His radical “eye,” that is to say his capacity to gather wonders and peculiar artifacts in stunning displays, has turned him into an installation artist frequently demanded by art institutions and galleries.

Pierre’s little vanity shop is a very mysterious place, a one-of-a-kind that will transform a simple flea market lazy Sunday into a joyful danse macabre adventure. 

Update: April 2023, Closed and Gone. No further information available.

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Metro Porte de Clignancourt Marche Paul Bert - Stand 221 - Allee 4

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