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Rio Shipwreck

One of the most popular attractions in the small resort town of Kabardinka.  


In December 2018, the Black Sea was experiencing a pattern of various storms. The cargo ship “Rio” was navigating the waters when the crew encountered one of these massive storms. Calls for assistance were made to port in nearby Novorossiysk.

However, due to the weather conditions, the rescue effort was unsuccessful. The only other option for the crew was to run the ship aground to avoid further damages. The crew essentially parked the ship on a sandy cove near Kabardinka. The ship didn’t sustain any further damages and the crew was rescued. 

After being set firmly on the sand, the ship was unable to move and has remained at the location ever since. The company that owns the ship does have plans to remove the wreckage and send it out to sea again. 

This unusual sight has attracted many people and has made Kabardinka famous. People from far and wide visit this beach just to see the wreckage.  

Know Before You Go

There are no open routes to go to the ship. There are travel bookings that take visitors to see the ship.

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