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The Allaire Dinosaurs

Allenwood, New Jersey

Dinosaurs, magic, and wonder are hidden amid the forests of Allaire State Park. 


Nestled within Allaire State Park visitors will find the work of Robin Ruggiero, a New Jersey-based artist who has been using these woods as both her canvas and medium since 2019. Although first working in anonymity, her growth in popularity and increased visitation to the site soon brought the creator’s identity to light.

Ruggiero’s work began with a series of huts and witchy symbols before expanding to include a colony of dinosaurs. A Tyrannosaurus Rex first appeared, later joined by a triceratops, a pterodactyl feeding her offspring, and in October 2020, a stegosaurus.

Each dinosaur is meticulously crafted within the park using pieces of downed trees, bones, branches, and leaves. With these pieces being made on location, the artist can often be found hard at work. Robin is extremely kind and pleasant with visitors; always ready to listen to and educate those interested.

The dinosaurs began as a personal art project, but have brought a new generation of visitors to Allaire State Park.

While visiting, be sure to explore beyond the dinosaurs. There is much more to be found within these magical woods, both artistic and naturally occurring.

Know Before You Go

Be respectful of the art, the woods, the process, and nature.


Enter Allaire Group Campsite for easy GPS directions.


Park along Squankum-Allenwood Rd at the main entrance to the group campground site.


  • Walk the entrance road until you reach the yellow gate, and then keep right.

  • Continue past a second gate.

  • Continue to stay right when the trail splits.

  • You will begin to see huts constructed from wood/branches on the right.

  • Continue until you reach a four-way intersection with a drop off to your right and the trail to the dinosaurs to your left.

The dinosaurs are located east of the group campground. These trails and woods are frequently used by mountain bikers. Please be courteous and share the paths.

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