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Located at the end of the Grand Terrace at St. Pancras Railway Station sits Paul Day’s “The Meeting Place” sculpture. This 30-foot-tall sculpture was completed in 2007. The sculpture features a 30-foot man and woman embracing along the bottom of smaller reliefs depicting various travel scenes.

The couple is meant to invoke two lovers embracing after being separated after a long journey. Below the couple, Day has created numerous reliefs showing the more mundane aspects of travel such as people communicating on the tube, people waiting for their train to arrive, and a homeless man sheltering in the railway station. 

When the sculpture was first unveiled, it had mixed reviews from the British art community claiming the statue was bland and kitsch. However, the general public liked the sculpture. 

Know Before You Go

Visitors can see the statue without needing a train ticket or rail pass. Simply go to the top of the Grand Terrace and the statue is at the back.  

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April 4, 2023

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