Ticket to the USSR – Moscow, Russia - Atlas Obscura
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Moscow, Russia

Ticket to the USSR

This small museum is basically a time capsule of daily life in the Soviet Union. 

Take a walk in Moscow’s Sokolniki Park, and you may stumble upon a blast from the Soviet past. This small museum, packed with what most would consider mundane objects, shows what daily life was like in the USSR. 

This eclectic museum contains everyday objects and symbolic relics of socialist life. The whole point of the collection is to give people a nostalgic snapshot of what everyday life was like within the Soviet Union instead of going into detail about the political regime or glorifying its past.

Wandering around the museum is like stepping into a time capsule. A collection of perfume fills one area, while shelves of childrens’ toys line another. Vintage posters, decor, cleaning chemicals, and beauty products give a glimpse at the inside of an average Soviet home, and there’s even a recreation of a typical schoolhouse classroom. And of course, there’s a small part stuffed with Space Age-related memorabilia.