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West Kruiskade Teapot

A huge teapot illuminates a home for the elderly. 


As you walk through the multicultural neighborhood along West Kruiskade in Rotterdam, it’s easy to be fully absorbed by the sights and smells of the diverse selection of restaurants. But if you remember to look up above the ice cream shop at the corner of West-Kruiskade and Josephstraat, you’ll catch a glimpse of a unique piece of public art: a giant image of a blue and white teapot, plastered across the upper floors of a nursing home.

Created by artist Anne Mercedes Langhorst, the teapot is made up of Delft tile designs. During the day, you can see beautiful blue and white windmills, cows, boats, and more cover the expanse of the teapot. By night, the intricate designs aren’t as visible, but the pot’s edges are illuminated to reveal its shape.

Know Before You Go

The teapot is right above the De IJssalon ice cream shop. 

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