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World's Largest Ball of Twine

It's big, it's a ball, and it's made of twine—the world's largest of its kind. 


This twine ball isn’t just huge – it’s continually growing. No better way to ensure that it maintains the title of the World’s Largest, of course.

Every August, Cawker city holds the annual twine-a-thon. This is a chance to add your contribution to the world’s largest ball of twine. 

Frank Stober started the ball of twine in 1953. In Just 4 years the ball weighed 5000 lbs and stood eight feet tall.

There is not much in Cawker City but the local businesses get in the spirit with twine-themed artworks in the windows and a painted twine stripe on the sidewalk. However, driving around the area is an experience.  The neighborhood is slightly empty and eerie with odd collections in the residents’ yards and broken-down buildings everywhere. The perfect site for a horror film.

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