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Kuldīga, Latvia

The Venta Rapid

The widest waterfall in Europe is a natural wonder and one of the only places where fish are caught in the air.
Mazirbe, Latvia

Mazirbe Boat Cemetery

These abandoned vessels are destined to be reclaimed by the forest.
Irlavas pagasts, Latvia

Bridge to Nowhere

A railway bridge leading nowhere stands lonely in the middle of a meadow.
Kathmandu, Nepal

Nyālon (Fish Stone)

This small shrine dedicated to a fish is believed to hold the secrets to this historic market's founding.
Vienna, Austria

Steinhof Church

The first modernist church in Europe.
Vienna, Austria

Schmetterlinghaus: The Imperial Butterfly Park

A tropical paradise just a short trip from the opera house is filled with beautiful winged creatures.
Vienna, Austria

The Narrenturm

This former insane asylum now holds a pathological anatomy museum.
Vienna, Austria


Macabre museum devoted to historical Viennese murders.
Kronshtadt, Russia

Kronshtadt Sea Gauge

This historic system is the zero level benchmark for measuring the depths and altitudes of the Baltic.
Sochi, Russia

Eagle Cliffs

These limestone cliffs are associated with the Greek myth of Prometheus.
Turan, Russia

Feynman Diagram Rock Carving

A tribute to Richard Feynman is carved into the land he planned to see but never got to visit.
Kazan, Russia

Suyumbike Tower

Russia's own leaning tower was built on a tragic historical fable.
Murmansk, Russia

Alyosha Statue

A monument to the defenders of the Arctic in Murmansk, Russia.
Suzdal', Russia

Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life

300-year-old villagers houses and traditional churches preserve a nearly lost piece of Russian history.


What was once the base for Russia's first nature reserve is now a ghost town, right on the shore of Lake Baikal.
Volgograd, Russia

Pavlov's House

The Nazis lost more men trying to take this Russian-held Stalingrad apartment block than they did when taking Paris.
Solovetskiy, Russia


Monastery, army base, and infamous Soviet Gulag in the far Russian north.
Moscow, Russia

Independent Republic of California Embassy in Moscow

The California secessionist movement has its own foreign embassy, in Russia of all places.
Sosnogorsk, Russia

Manpupuner Rock Formations

Gigantic natural towers in a Russian plateau.
Turukhansky District, Russia

The 'Dead Road' Transpolar Railway

Stalin's prisoner-built rail line sits in ruin, never having a single car ride its tracks.
Novosibirsk, Russia

Monument to the Laboratory Mouse

This cuddly rodent has a place of honor at a Russian institute for genetic research.
Bolshoye Andreykovo, Russia

Kostroma Moose Farm

The USSR’s Conquest of Nature lead to the domestication of many moose—no squirrel.
Moscow, Russia

Hotel Ukraina

The tallest hotel in Europe.
Oymyakonsky District, Russia


The villagers of the coldest inhabited place on Earth adjust to unique challenges presented by day-to-day living.