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Queens, New York

Home for Retired Playground Animals

A menagerie of concrete animals brought together from across New York City's parks.
Emporia, Kansas

National Memorial to Fallen Educators

In the aftermath of the murder of six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a memorial was constructed to remember all the teachers, administrators and staff who lost their lives.
Canadian, Texas

Gene Cockrell's Yard Art

Iconic figures in concrete and steel in the High Plains of Texas.
Florida, Massachusetts

The Elk on the Trail

A war memorial that appears to ascend from its forested setting.
Brooklyn, New York

Grave of Governor DeWitt Clinton

The Father of the Erie Canal has a magnificent grave marker that redefines the term "final resting place."
The Bronx, New York

Westchester Avenue Station

Designed by famed 20th-century architect Cass Gilbert, the future of this abandoned 1908 rail station is currently in limbo.
Stone Park, Illinois

Italian Cultural Center

Inside the center are Italian works of art and a replica model of St. Peter's Basilica.
Staten Island, New York

Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art

The collection is exhibited in a Staten Island building modeled on traditional Himalayan architecture.
Brooklyn, New York

BAM Hamm Archives

A collection of playbills, photographs, and other memorabilia from the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
New York, New York

Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater

This theater opened in 1998, but both the building and the puppeteers who perform there have a distinguished history.
Reno, Nevada


This former New Jersey bus now exists as a public art exhibit.
New York, New York

Aretha Franklin Subway Tributes

A touching tribute to the "Queen of Soul."
Bronx, New York

Concrete Plant Park

A riverfront park that both remediated and preserved its industrial past.