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Berlin, Germany

Damaskus Konditorei

A Syrian family keeps memories of their homeland alive at this sweet shop.
St. Louis, Missouri

Levels Nigerian Cuisine

This restaurant, art gallery, and nightlife hot spot is a love letter to Lagos from St. Louis.
Bangkok, Thailand

Hai Som Tam Convent

Isaan street food staples are in spectacular form at this no-frills institution.
Chestertown, Maryland

Modern Stone Age Kitchen

Learn about our ancestral eating habits at the passion project of an archeologist.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Fox & Son Fair Foods

Find your state fair food favorites all year long.
Jokkmokk, Sweden

Jokkmokk Market

Hang with reindeer at this 400-year-old Sámi market.
Berlin, Germany


After fleeing the Syrian civil war, chef Malakeh Jazmati began serving exceptional renditions of her homeland's cuisine in Berlin.
London, England

YMCA Indian Student Hostel

It’s fun to stay at the YMCA… but at this London outpost, it’s even more fun to eat the Bombay aloo.
Nairobi, Kenya

Embark Restaurant

Farm-to-table East African-European cuisine is on the menu here.
Spokane, Washington

Indigenous Eats

This family-owned restaurant celebrates Native American cuisine.
Munich, Germany


German-style coffee and cake, just like Oma used to make it.
Manila, Philippines


Feast on contemporary Filipino cuisine in a chef’s backyard.
Berlin, Germany

Fine Bagels

The best bagels in Berlin are tucked away in an independent bookstore.
Berlin, Germany

Babka & Kranz

Superb sweets await at the first Jewish bakery inducted into Berlin’s prestigious baker’s guild.
Salzburg, Austria

St. Peter Stiftskulinarium

Epicurean and holy traditions converge in what may be the oldest restaurant in Europe.
Lima, Peru

El Cacaotal

Visit Lima’s one-stop-shop for sustainably sourced and produced Peruvian chocolate.
Budapest, Hungary


Dine on Hungarian-Jewish dishes at this multigenerational, family-run institution.
Húsavík, Iceland

Jaja Ding Dong

A real-life homage to the Rachel McAdams and Will Ferrell's fictional Eurovision musical duo.
Tsaghkunk, Armenia

Tsaghkunk Restaurant

This modern tandoor eatery was once a canteen for Soviet farmers.