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Places visited in Northern Mariana Islands
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Mammoth skeleton at the centre.
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre

Home to a full cast of the largest woolly mammoth ever recovered in North America. 
60.7088, -135.0791
The water gate in foreground, Watergate Hotel in background
Washington, D.C.

Water Gate at the Watergate Complex

Before Nixon, "watergate" meant canals.
38.9001, -77.0578
Spring Lane, which was named after the Great Spring.
Boston, Massachusetts

The Great Spring

A tiny plaque marks the location of the water source that facilitated the birth of modern-day Boston.
42.3574, -71.0578
Banzai Cliff.
Northern Mariana Islands

Banzai Cliff

Where hundreds of Japanese civilians committed suicide to avoid being captured by American soldiers during WWII.
15.2857, 145.8096
Left side of the beach
Northern Mariana Islands

Bird Island Beach

A gorgeous gem on the ocean.
15.2555, 145.8101
Clear hallways makes it accessible for exploring
San Roque, Northern Mariana Islands

Abandoned La Fiesta Mall

Once a popular hangout spot this huge mall was left to ruin after economic crash.
15.2526, 145.7806
Old Japanese Lighthouse
Garapan, Northern Mariana Islands

Old Japanese Lighthouse

An abandoned lighthouse off the beaten path, one of the few surviving pre-World War II Japanese structures, offers a beautiful view.
15.2115, 145.7320
Administration Building
Garapan, Northern Mariana Islands

Old Japanese Jail

This spooky jail once controlled by the Japanese military now sits abandoned on a remote Pacific island.
15.1997, 145.7193
The Inuvik community greenhouse was converted from an old hockey rink.
Inuvik, Northwest Territories

Inuvik Community Greenhouse

Canada's most northerly commercial greenhouse was once a hockey arena.
68.3599, -133.8597
The parking lot and entrance.
Portland, Oregon

Kelly Butte Civil Defense Center

Portland had a unique approach to Cold War-era protections.
45.5011, -122.5542
The Igloo Church.
Inuvik, Northwest Territories

Our Lady of Victory Church

This house of worship in the Arctic Circle is shaped like an igloo.
68.3579, -133.7225
House of Taga
Northern Mariana Islands

House of Taga

This collection of fallen standing stones were once the supports of an ancient stone home.
15.0043, 145.6357
Beautiful Sunsets
San Jose, Northern Mariana Islands

Taga Beach

A crystal clear beach surrounded by beautiful coral reefs.
14.9585, 145.6295
The abandoned PACBAR III site
Northern Mariana Islands

Abandoned Pacific Barrier Radar III

This abandoned radar site is slowly being taken back by the jungle, its mission cut short by the end of the Cold War.
15.2492, 145.7962
Musk Ox Farm
Palmer, Alaska

Musk Ox Farm

An Alaskan livestock farm devotes itself to harvesting wool from creatures that once ran with mammoths and sabertooth tigers.
61.6351, -149.1282
Mount Hood
Mount Hood, Oregon

Mount Hood

Despite a legend that says this highest peak in Oregon was climbed in high heels scores of people have died on its slopes.
45.5381, -121.5672