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Cambridge, England

Newton's Apple Tree, Trinity College

This tree was grafted from the actual tree that led Isaac Newton to ponder the theory of gravity.
Cambridge, England


One of several Lilliputian portals that are ready to transport passengers to other dimensions, if they can find them.
London, England

Stables Market

Catacombs turned marketplace.
London, England

God's Own Junkyard

A kaleidoscopic warehouse-maze of handmade neon signs.
London, England

Highgate Cemetery

London's creepiest cemetery was once the site of dueling magicians and mobs of stake-carrying vampire hunters.
London, England

Queen Mary's Garden

The rose garden in Regent's Park where Pongo and Perdita met for the first time in Disney's "101 Dalmatians."
Biesiekierz, Poland

Potato Monument

At nearly four meters tall, this giant potato looms over a small Polish town.
London, England

The Burney Relief

This bewitching Babylonian goddess haunts a hallway of the British Museum.
London, England

The Lewis Chessmen

These mysterious Viking chess pieces spent centuries hidden on a remote Scottish island.
Halbe, Germany

Tropical Islands Resort

It's always summer at the beach inside this former airship hangar.
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures

A monument on the pavement marks the spot where two cultures that shaped Sarajevo come together.
Mamerki, Poland

Mauerwald Bunker Complex

This lakeside bunker complex in Mamerki, Poland, housed the Supreme Military Command of Nazi Germany during World War II.
Kostrzyn nad Odrą, Poland

The Disappeared City Center of Kostrzyn

The center of this Polish border town was so thoroughly wiped out in World War II that only the foundations remain.
Miedzianka, Poland

The Disappeared City of Miedzianka

This formerly-prosperous Silesian mining town was completely demolished in the late 1960s and early 1970s as an attempt to cover up a secret Soviet uranium mine.
Kruszyniany, Poland

Green Mosque of Kruszyniany

This wooden mosque is one of the few remnants of medieval Poland's Muslim Tatar community in this deeply Catholic country.
Sierpnica, Poland

Podziemne Miasto Osówka

An extensive network of secret tunnels was created for the Nazi project "Riese."
Kamenický Šenov, Czechia

Panská Skála

Tall columns of volcanic basalt make up this improbable-seeming rock formation.
Turnov, Czechia

Český Ráj (Bohemian Paradise)

Bohemian paradise covered in majestic forests.
Forst, Germany

Remnants of the Neisse Bridge

This elaborate stone bridge over the Neisse river has sat in pieces since 1945.
Wierzbno, Poland

The Last Versailles Border Stone

The last original stone marking the interwar border between Germany and Poland sits in this unassuming village park.
Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw's Chopin Benches

Special benches that play Chopin's music are scattered throughout his native city.
Krakow, Poland

The Bones of the Wawel Dragon

Real bones which are said to have belonged to a Polish dragon.
London, England

Leadenhall Market

This ornate Victorian marketplace was the setting for Diagon Alley and the Leaky Cauldron in the Harry Potter films.
London, England

The Ruins of St. Dunstan-in-the-East

One of the few remaining casualties of the London Blitz, this destroyed church has become an enchanting public garden.