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Witnica, Poland

Signpost Park

This public park collects signposts and other memorabilia related to local history, Polish-German relations and human progress
Jawor, Poland

Jawor Peace Church

This dazzling wooden church was constructed as part of an elaborate peace project after the Thirty Years' War.
Pilchowice, Poland

Pilchowice Hydroelectic Dam

The tallest stone dam in Poland was opened by Kaiser Wilhelm II himself.
Sarbinowo, Poland

Fort Sarbinowo

This abandoned but well-preserved Prussian fortress sits abandoned in a Polish forest near the German border.
Miedzianka, Poland

The Disappeared City of Miedzianka

This formerly-prosperous Silesian mining town was completely demolished in the late 1960s and early 1970s as an attempt to cover up a secret Soviet uranium mine.
Kostrzyn nad Odrą, Poland

The Disappeared City Center of Kostrzyn

The center of this Polish border town was so thoroughly wiped out in World War II that only the foundations remain.
Mamerki, Poland

Mauerwald Bunker Complex

This lakeside bunker complex in Mamerki, Poland, housed the Supreme Military Command of Nazi Germany during World War II.
Kruszyniany, Poland

Green Mosque of Kruszyniany

This wooden mosque is one of the few remnants of medieval Poland's Muslim Tatar community in this deeply Catholic country.
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The War Childhood Musem

This unique museum focuses on the Siege of Sarajevo through children's eyes.
Sierpnica, Poland

Podziemne Miasto Osówka

An extensive network of secret tunnels was created for the Nazi project "Riese."
Wierzbno, Poland

The Last Versailles Border Stone

The last original stone marking the interwar border between Germany and Poland sits in this unassuming village park.
Trutnov, Czechia

The Dragon of Trutnov

Each spring, residents of this Czech town hoist a 'slain' metal dragon onto the city hall to commemorate a local medieval legend
Forst, Germany

Remnants of the Neisse Bridge

This elaborate stone bridge over the Neisse river has sat in pieces since 1945.
Leśniewo, Poland

Leśniewo U-Boat Locks

Built to transport German U-boats through the never-completed Masurian Canal, the locks near this Polish village are now home to a rope course.
Blagaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Blagaj's Dervish Monastery

This picturesque monastery at the base of a cliff is a peaceful oasis open to all visitors.
Rheinsberg, Germany

Rheinsberg Nuclear Power Plant

This decommissioned nuclear power plant offers tours of its Communist-era control room and reactor hall.
Peenemünde, Germay

Maritime Museum Peenemünde U-461

This 1960's Soviet submarine in Peenemünde Harbor claims to be the largest submarine museum in the world.
Schwielowsee, Germany

Einstein's Summer House

Before he was forced to flee the country under Nazi rule, Albert Einstein spent his summers in this custom-built lakeside house near Berlin.
Doubice, Czechia

Doubice Wooden Sculptures and Tanks

This village in Bohemian Switzerland hosts more than 300 wood carvings inspired by fairytales, folklore, and other oddities, as well as a series of Communist-era tanks
Svetlogorsk, Russia

Svetlogorsk Beach Gondolas

These tiny cabins on a cableway have been carrying visitors at a Baltic resort down to the beach since 1912.
Butuceny, Moldova

Orheiul Vechi Cave Monastery

This 13th century Orthodox monastery is built right into the Moldovan cliffside.
Trutnov, Czechia

Fort Stachelberg

This fortress was designed to prevent a Nazi invasion but was never used.
Cheb, Czechia

Wallenstein's Death Room

The room where the famous commander of the Catholic forces was murdered by Irish assassins during the Thirty Years' War has been reconstructed with many of his original possessions.

Houses of the Sun

Rent a barrel for a personal view of where the Baltic Sea meets the Gulf of Riga.