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Ogmore-by-Sea, Wales

Merthyr Mawr Sand Dunes

This huge coastal nature reserve in Wales was a stand-in for the Arabian Peninsula in 'Lawrence of Arabia.'
Falmouth, England

St. Nazaire Raid Memorial

This modest site memorializes a World War II mission described without hyperbole as “the greatest raid of all.”
Osmington, England

Osmington White Horse

Want to properly offend a king? Sculpt a giant hill figure in chalk of him riding out of town.
Fort Worth, Texas

Billy Bob’s Texas

The "world’s largest honky-tonk" also has its own indoor rodeo arena.
Southampton, England

Southampton Wall Cannonballs

Many mysteries surround these objects questioning whether they are cannonballs at all.
North Atlantic Ocean

North Atlantic Garbage Patch

The lesser-known cousin of the Great Pacific trash island.
Southampton, England

Titanic Postal Workers Memorial

Dedicated to the five postal workers who died aboard the doomed ocean liner, this plaque was made from a spare propeller from the Titanic.
Bodmin, England

Bodmin Jail

This antique prison is a tourist attraction with a sordid past.
Roche, England

Roche Rock Hermitage

This ruined 15th-century hermitage is steeped in myth and mystery.
Burnham-on-Crouch, England

Burnham Minefield Control Tower

This observation tower is one of two of its kind that still exist in the United Kingdom.
Swanage, England

Fort Henry

Constructed for defense, this fort oversaw the dress rehearsal for one of the largest invasions in history.
Glasgow, Scotland

Paddle Steamer Waverley

This vessel is the final ocean-going paddle steamer in the world.
Wiltshire, England

West Kennet Long Barrow

It's possible to walk inside one of the largest Neolithic tombs in Britain.
Avebury, England

The Red Lion

The only pub in the world surrounded by an ancient stone circle.
Wiltshire, England


The largest stone circle in the world has ended up bringing up more questions than it has answered.
Bratton, England

Westbury White Horse

A giant white horse drawn on an English hillside may not have been intended to be a horse at all.
Fovant, England

Fovant Badges

Soldiers carved these regimental badges into the chalk hills in remembrance of those who died in World War I.
Southampton, England

Mulberry Harbour Wreckage

Some of the last remaining relics of one of World War II's most important invasions.
Swanwick, England

Andark Lake

One of the country's largest diving schools set in a picturesque nature reserve.
Milton Keynes, England

Concrete Cows

A herd of half-sized cow sculptures has stood in this part for nearly 50 years.
Capel Saint Andrew, England

Rendlesham Forest UFO Landing

The scene of the United Kingdom's most famous UFO incident, dubbed the "British Roswell."
Blaxhall, England

The Blaxhall Stone

Blaxhall's burgeoning boulder can't help putting on a few extra stones.
Thorpeness, England

House in the Clouds

Unusual British home built to disguise a water tower.
Aldeburgh, England

Scallop at Aldeburgh Beach

This massive metal scallop is a tribute to an English composer who once walked across this beach.