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James Bond's Grave

This tombstone marks the spot where the legendary British spy met his end.
Southampton, England

Southampton Wall Cannonballs

Many mysteries surround these objects questioning whether they are cannonballs at all.
Southampton, England

Titanic Postal Workers Memorial

Dedicated to the five postal workers who died aboard the doomed ocean liner, this plaque was made from a spare propeller from the Titanic.
Falmouth, England

St. Nazaire Raid Memorial

This modest site memorializes a World War II mission described without hyperbole as “the greatest raid of all.”
Burnham-on-Crouch, England

Burnham Minefield Control Tower

This observation tower is one of two of its kind that still exist in the United Kingdom.
Swanage, England

Fort Henry

Constructed for defense, this fort oversaw the dress rehearsal for one of the largest invasions in history.
Hay-on-Wye, Wales

The Kingdom of Books

In 1977, an eccentric book lover formed a micronation for book lovers.

SS Thistlegorm

The wreck of a World War II cargo ship has become an unintentional time capsule at the bottom of the Red Sea.
Glasgow, Scotland

Paddle Steamer Waverley

This vessel is the final ocean-going paddle steamer in the world.
Mexicali, Mexico

Boeing 727 Crash Experiment

This mangled and twisted wreckage left by the side of a Mexican road was no accident, but a planned crash in the name of science and safety.
Southampton, England

Mulberry Harbour Wreckage

Some of the last remaining relics of one of World War II's most important invasions.
Portsmouth, England

The Micronations of Baffins Pond

Three tiny islands in a Portsmouth pond are at the center of disputed land claims from a number of competing micronations.
Swanwick, England

Andark Lake

One of the country's largest diving schools set in a picturesque nature reserve.
Bristol, England

Empty Plinth of the Colston Statue

After protestors toppled a statue of a 17th-century slave trader, the pedestal where it once stood remains unoccupied.
Key Largo, Florida

USS Spiegel Grove Shipwreck

After a long career, a disastrous sinking, and a half-successful salvage, this Naval vessel-turned-artificial reef ended up exactly where she was supposed to—with a little help from nature.
Key West, Florida

USNS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg

Six miles off the coast of Key West, a former military transport ship is now one of the largest artificial reefs in the world.
Southampton, England

SS Shieldhall

Built as part of a "sludge fleet" that transported sewage, this historic steamship now mostly moves people.
London, England

Huntsman & Sons

The real clothing store that inspired a fictional spy organization's front.
Hamble-le-Rice, England

The Hamble-Warsash Pink Ferry

A ferry has operated across the River Hamble for around 500 years, but its distinctive bubblegum pink is a more recent addition.
Cublington, England

Cublington Spinney and Airport Monument

In the 1970s, the citizens of several small villages came together to stop their homes from being destroyed for a new airport.
Capernwray, England

Capernwray Dive Centre

Planes, helicopters, and a shipwreck are underwater in this former limestone quarry.
Hayling Island, England

Mulberry Harbour Wreck

This concrete monster of a wreck lies in the mouth of Langstone Harbour as a monument to the incredible history of D-Day.