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Ballingslöv, Sweden

Self-Tribute Stone of 'Bagga-Sven'

A confident and eccentric goat farmer boldly proclaimed his honor with an inscription on this woodland stone.
Copenhagen, Denmark

Stærekassen Passageway Mosaic

One of Scandinavia's largest mosaics pays tribute to Danish art and science luminaries.
Karrebæksminde, Denmark

Græshoppebroen (Grasshopper Bridge)

This distinctive bug-like bridge is made of recycled horseshoes.
Malmö, Sweden

King Gustav Vasa Knife Incident Plaque

This bronze marker acknowledges an embarrassing royal blunder.
Frederikssund, Denmark

'Min Indre Svinehund' ('My Inner Beast')

This striking pig statue was part of a 1993 guerilla art project against racism.
Lund, Sweden

(Alleged) Piece of Descartes' Skull

Could this controversial parietal bone be the remains of the famed French philosopher?
Copenhagen, Denmark

'Trold, der vejrer kristenblod' ('Troll, which Sniffs Out Christian Blood')

Positioned outside a church, this sinister folkloric figure incited protests in both 1902 and 2002.
Helsingborg, Sweden

'A Study in Unhuman Sexual Expectations'

These whimsical rabbit figures are not as innocent as they might look.
Greve, Denmark

'The Little Match Girl'

With a bundle of matches in one hand and a mobile phone in the other, this sculpture is a modern take on Hans Christian Andersen's poignant fairy tale.
Randers, Denmark

'Bar Roma'

This enormous aluminum figure in Denmark lying in a plunged position, echoes the global debate on canceled historical statues.
Aarhus, Denmark

Cirkuskroen (The Circus Pub)

This legendary dive bar boasts a collection of over 1,300 clown figurines.
Knislinge, Sweden


A bronze, peeing self-portrait protests unequal inheritance rights.
Brunswick, Germany

'Katzenbalgen' ('Cat Brawl')

A purr-fectly spirited bronze celebration of local street felines through history.
Hanover, Germany

'The Grotto' by Niki de Saint Phalle

Blending modern art with Baroque architecture, this wondrous mosaic grotto serves as the late artist's final creation.
Hanover, Germany

Der goldene Leibniz-Keks (Golden Leibniz Cookie)

This gilded emblem was once stolen by a Cookie Monster impostor, who demanded a charitable ransom for its return.
Gantofta, Sweden

Gantofta sliprännor

Hidden in an enchanting ravine, numerous mysterious sandstone grooves hint at ancient pagan rituals.
Copenhagen, Denmark

'Tisseren' ('The Pee-er')

An unconventional and naturalistic sculpture depicting the artist marking his territory on an exterior faculty wall.
Gammelstad, Sweden

Gammelstads Kyrkstad (Gammelstad Church Town)

A medieval village, with red wooden cottages around a stone church, stands as a well-preserved example of a settlement type that was once common in northern Sweden.
Sorø, Denmark

'Metaforkirkegården' ('The Cemetery of Metaphors')

A small artistic "graveyard" where clichéd expressions have been buried.
Klåveröd, Sweden

Snuvestuan (Cottage of the Hulder)

This cave at the base of an unusually shaped cliff is said to be inhabited by a mythical forest enchantres from Scandinavian folklore.
Odense, Denmark

'Kløvet sten' ('Split Stone')

After attracting attention for nearly three decades while standing in front of a church, this phallic stone sculpture is now tucked away in a campus backyard.
Odense, Denmark

Professor Labris Plads (Professor Labri Square)

A quirky, larger than life sculpture on an old bunker pays tribute to an eccentric carnival entertainer.
Odense, Denmark

Jomfruspringet (The Virgin Leap)

This aged paving stone, marked by a maiden's foot imprint and the tales of her plunge from the cathedral tower, serves as a memorial to a tragic local legend.
Raus, Sweden

The Devil Head of Raus Church

Legend has it that this church faced a troll problem, leading to the affixing of a stone face of Satan above the entrance to deter further encounters.