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Split, Croatia

Dioklecijanov Akvadukt (Diocletian Aqueduct)

This ancient Roman aqueduct once funneled water to Diocletian's palace.
Pula, Croatia

Kažnjavanje Dirke (The Punishment of Dirce)

A Roman mosaic depicting a classical myth was only rediscovered after bombing during World War II.
Pula, Croatia

Sveta Srca

A former church turned museum, complete with changing exhibitions.
Šibenik, Croatia

Fontana s Kornjačama (Fountain with Turtles)

This fountain has a growing (animal) population, and might also be growing in size.
Trogir, Croatia

Crkva Sv. Sebastijana (Church of St. Sebastian)

The interior of this church has been turned into a memorial to locals who died in Croatia's Homeland War.
Vela Luka, Croatia

Luka Mozaika

This work of art is considered the world's longest mosaic.
Rovinj, Croatia

Krstionica Sv. Trojstva (Baptismal Font of the Holy Spirit)

This seven-sided Romanesque chapel is regarded as the oldest building in Rovinj.
Trogir, Croatia

Igralište Batarija

The local club's soccer field is practically surrounded by UNESCO-protected monuments.
Edinburgh, Scotland

Óscar Romero Plaque

In memory of the assassinated, now-canonized Salvadoran archbishop who is the namesake of nearby Romero Place.
Playa del Carmen, Mexico

La Ciudadela (The Citadel)

This now-abandoned shopping center in Playa del Carmen was built to resemble a medieval European castle.
Klis, Croatia

Crkva Sv. Vida (Church of St. Vitus)

One of the very few mosques built by the Ottomans still standing in Croatia is now a Catholic church.
Vodnjan, Croatia

Murals of Vodnjan

Maze-like streets filled with vibrant murals draw visitors to this Istrian town.
Zadar, Croatia

Zadarski Barkajoli

The medieval ferry service has been going strong since the 14th century.
Manchester, England

The Haçienda Apartments

This building's name and a plaque are all that's left of what was probably the most important nightclub of the Madchester music scene.
Glasgow, Scotland

Cineworld Renfrew Street

The Guinness Record holder as the "tallest cinema in the world" is a building with screens in almost every one of its 12 floors
Gdańsk, Poland

Archaeological Remains at Hala Targowa (Market Hall)

Several 12th-century ruins can be found inside this historical market.
Gdańsk, Poland

Gdański Lew Hewelion

Gdańsk's lion mascot features in a trail of bronze sculptures scattered all across the city.
Edinburgh, Scotland

Museum of Scottish Fire Heritage

A museum dedicated to firefighting in a city that was crucial to the modern history of the profession.
Mexico City, Mexico

La Muelita (The Little Molar)

A small building that loosely resembles a tooth is appropriately used as a dentist office.
Mexico City, Mexico

La Piedra del 68 (The Stone of '68)

This simple rock stands as a memorial of the major student protests of 1968.
Mexico City, Mexico

Korea-Mexico Friendship Bell

A replica of one of South Korea's National Treasures stands as a tribute to that country's relations with Mexico.
Mexico City, Mexico

El Halconazo Memorial

An abstract sculpture memorializing a student massacre that took place in 1971.
Mexico City, Mexico

Glorieta Plaza de Sevilla (Seville Plaza Roundabout)

A unique hybrid of fountain, stained glass and monument, designed and built by a notable architect-engineer team.
Mexico City, Mexico

Parroquia de la Divina Providencia (Parish of Divine Providence)

One of the best examples of Modernist religious architecture in Mexico City.