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Denver, Colorado

Hop Alley

A mural and a few historical markers commemorate Denver's once-thriving Chinatown, which was obliterated in a racist riot.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Magic Town

Experience life in one of America’s smallest neighborhoods.
Meritxell, Andorra

Basílica Santuari de Nostra Senyora de Meritxell

A beautiful modern church dedicated to the teleporting patron saint of Andorra.
High Rolls, New Mexico

Apple Boy

This cheery fruit farmer welcomes visitors to a classic roadside emporium.
Sulphur Springs, New Mexico

Sulphur Springs

It’s hard to believe this hostile landscape was once a health resort.
Andorra la Vella, Andorra

La Margineda Bridge

You can still walk across this beautiful medieval bridge in Andorra.
Turin, Italy

Portone del Diavolo (Devil's Door)

This sinister Baroque entryway could lead you to a terrible fate.
Aguilar, Colorado

Apishapa Arch

A short tunnel built straight through a magmatic dike.
Maysville, Colorado

Angel of Shavano

This distinctive snowfield on the slopes of a Colorado fourteener has several legendary origin stories.
Sierra Vista, Arizona

Murray Springs Clovis Site

A short interpretive trail about one of the first human cultures in North America.
Leadville, Colorado

House With the Eye Museum

This 19th-century house museum features a horse-drawn hearse and other antique oddities.
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Historic Microsoft Headquarters Plaque

One of the world’s most powerful corporations was established on a random Albuquerque street corner.
Silver City, New Mexico

The Big Ditch

This small canyon park was once the main street of Silver City—until a flood washed it away.
Ichinoseki, Japan

Sahara Glass Park

This glass-themed tourist park in northern Japan feels like taking a step back in time.
Geneva, Switzerland

Immeuble Clarté

An early masterpiece of Le Corbusier, a famed Modernist architect, hiding in plain sight.
Paris, France

Witch Rock of Montmartre

This oddly shaped boulder in Paris is rumored to be cursed.
Orderville, Utah

Belly of the Dragon

Nature has shaped this drainage tunnel into the digestive tract of a mighty beast.
Canillo, Andorra

Mirador Roc Del Quer

Defy gravity at this fascinating Pyrenees overlook platform.
Durango, Colorado


This bee-themed family business does more with honey than anyone would think was possible.
La Seu d'Urgell, Spain

Modern Cloisters of Valira Park

This parody of ecclesiastical cloisters features famous figures from the 20th century.
Zermatt, Switzerland

Mountaineers' Cemetery

This Swiss cemetery is reserved for people who died in climbing accidents.
Dolores, Colorado

Memorial Rock

A boulder so big and tough, they had to turn it into a landmark.
Corona, New Mexico

'Cowboy Ruckus'

Catch two 18-foot-tall ranchers mid-brawl as you drive by on Highway 285.
Brandon, Colorado

Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site

The hallowed ground of one of the worst atrocities in United States history.