Wizard people, dear reader. (Photo: Mark Goebel/CC BY 2.0)

J.K. Rowling has finally revealed the location of America’s very own wizarding school. According to her history of the school, recently unveiled in a short story on Pottermore, it’s located on the highest peak in Massachusetts, Mount Greylock.

Located in the Berkshires, the natural landmark even sounds like something out of a Harry Potter novel, and definitely has the look of a place that might hide a school of witchcraft and wizardry. The mountain is often capped by a thick layer of cloud and mist, that could definitely be seen by muggles (or “no-majs” as they are called in America) as a warlock’s attempt at hiding what’s up there. The peak is also home to the Veterans War Memorial Tower, a tall, lighthouse-like structure built in the 1930s.

According to Rowling’s story, the school was founded by a witch who came to America on the Mayflower, taking refuge from the Puritans by building a stone house on the mountain which eventually grew to be the wizarding school, Ilvermorny. They have their own school houses (Pukwudgie, Horned Serpent, Thunderbird, and Wampus) and sorting ceremony.

Given how mysterious the high peak can often appear, Rowling’s choice to set her stateside magic school on the mountain makes sense, and according to the Boston Globe, the local regulatory committees are taking the news in stride, with playful reactions to the newfound notoriety.

Even the governor’s office got in on the magic, saying in a statement, “The governor believes that small businesses are the backbone of the economy whether they are owned by witches or mortals, and because the institution has operated for nearly 400 years without incident, the administration plans to revisit the matter sometime in the next century or two.”