Frostbeard Studio

‘Old Book’ Scented Candle

$18, Amazon

Let’s address a touchy, but undeniable fact: interesting people (and their homes or offices) don’t always smell good. Geniuses and eccentrics can easily lose sight of little things, like cleaning or hygiene, in their intellectual fervor. Luckily, our idea of how they should smell has been lovingly distilled into a collection of literary-themed scented candles.

Frostbeard Studio offers a range of “Book Lover’s” scents inspired by specific titles, including “The Shire” (The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy), “Sherlock’s Study” (the Sherlock Holmes canon), and “Winterfell” (A Song of Ice and Fire). But their most intriguing scents are the more broadly described ones, such as “Old Books” or “Reading at the Cafe.” The whole concept evokes what you want interesting people (and places) to smell like, even if that’s not always the reality.

While some reviewers argue that the candles don’t smell exactly like used books, we’re still intrigued by any scent that makes us feel like we should be reading.

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