One of the beauties of fishing is that it doesn’t require a great deal of expensive equipment to do it. Sure, you can spend a king’s ransom on top-of-the-line gear, but as one Kansas man recently discovered, even the cheapest kit can snag a big fish.

As the Witchita Eagle is reporting, local fisherman Charlie Henning recently caught a whopper in Wichita’s Marion Reservoir using pretty much the most basic tools around. Calling it an “el’ cheapo outfit,” Henning used a $20 Walmart rod and reel, swap-meet hooks, and an old duck decoy as a floater to cast out a line. For bait, he simply put bits of smaller fish on the hook.

With that simple load out, Henning was able to bring in a catfish weighing over 80-pounds, and measuring over 50 inches long. According to the Eagle, locals have speculated that it might be the largest pulled out of the lake in 50 years.

Henning says says that he could buy better equipment, but that his low budget gear works just fine. And now he’s got the catch to prove it.