After heavy rains last week, parts of Brighton, Colorado were inundated with more than rainwater when clumps of maggot-like mystery bugs began falling on unsuspecting citizens.

According to reports by local news station 9News, a couple was walking their dog and preparing their grill when swarms of little yellow and orange worms began pelting them from the sky. The bugs nearly covered whole portions of the sidewalk, hitting people, and even landing in the couple’s grill. Once local news picked up the couple’s story, reports of similar dropped larva began trickling in from other areas in the region. Many of the bugs they discovered were already dead, but there were enough of them living to make the writhing downpour all the more unsettling.

No one has yet to concretely identify the little grubs, or even where they came from, but a local entomologist who spoke with 9News said that they were likely fly maggots that were knocked out of tree canopies by the rain and wind. So while they might not pose much threat in terms of poison or bites, it’s cold comfort that they were just piles of maggots raining down on the Brighton locals.

In other words, it could’ve been worse.