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Franz Sederevičiaus Sculpture Ensemble

An impressive ensemble of sculptures that survived the Soviet regime.  


Known as one of the more impressive art displays in Lithuania, this garden contains 21 large-scale sculptures made of cement, concrete, and metal. Artist Pranas Sederevičius created these statues in the yard of his home between 1951-1979.

Pranas was fascinated by horses, therefore many of his works showcase horses, deer, and other mystical animals. He also added busts of prominent figures that he admired to the collection. They mostly consist of local figures and politicians, such as John F. Kennedy. It’s quite remarkable this particular sculpture existed considering the Soviet Union was not keen on non-socialist political figures being publicly displayed. 

During that time, the garden was open to the local community. Children often ventured to the park to ride Pranas’s horses. The sculptures have been well maintained since Pranas passed away and the garden is considered an important cultural landmark of Lithuania.

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