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Stalin Museum

Gori, Georgia

A museum glorifying the life of Stalin, located in the city of his birth. 


Built around and including the modest home where he was born, this amazing time capsule tells the life story of Joseph Stalin, warts and all.

 At first glance, the museum, with its paintings and statues of the man, might seem to glorify one of the 20th century’s most notorious tyrants. But your tour guide will also quickly point to his mug shots from his early arrests for bank robbery; the recreation of a KGB interrogation room; and the map of Georgia with markers representing victims of his murderous reign.

 From his first desk in the Kremlin to his railroad car, the museum uses authentic items to tell the story of a dark time in history.

 Ironically, this memorial to the powerful Communist ends like other museums around the world – with a bit of capitalism. That’s right, at the exit to the Stalin museum, you’ll be invited into the gift shop, where you can purchase your very own coffee mug or other souvenir, featuring the smiling figure of “Uncle Joe.” (You can also pick up your own personal copy of “Poetry by J. Stalin.” In Georgian, Russian and English. It’s a slim volume.)

Know Before You Go

When you go in, you can ask for an English-speaking tour guide. 

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