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Monument to the Battle of Oum Tounsi

Initially meant to immortalize the valor of the colonizer, this monument is now a symbol of Mauritanian resistance.
Porongurup, Australia

Castle Rock

A metal skywalk leads to the top of this striking granite outcrop in Porongurup National Park.
Cologne, Germany

Helios Lighthouse

How did a lighthouse wind up in the middle of this landlocked German city?
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Choijin Lama Monastery

The monastery survived the Communist revolution in Mongolia as a religious museum.
Catawissa, Pennsylvania

The Catawissa Caged Graves

These hooded graves are the only of their kind in the United States.
Charleston, South Carolina

Stede Bonnet Hanging Site

Most historians agree that the so-called "Gentleman Pirate" wasn't much of either of those things.
Pune, India

Parvati Hill Cave

The caves are the oldest surviving structures in the city of Pune.
Melbourne, Australia

Bin Chicken Island

This island at Coburg Lake Reserve is home to a sizable, very visible colony of Australian white ibis.
Aït Bouguemez, Morocco

Shrine of Sidi Moussa

This former community granary is now a lonely mountaintop shrine.
Archaggelos, Greece

Epta Piges (Seven Springs)

A dark, narrow tunnel that leads to a charming lake and waterfall.
Nanyuki, Kenya

Ol Pejeta Rhino Cemetery

The memorial honors the lives of rhinoceroses killed by poachers.
Garching bei München, Germany


This "Atomic Egg" appears on the city of Garching's coat of arms.
Devín, Slovakia

The Gate of Freedom Memorial

The memorial stands at the intersection of the rivers Morava and Danube.
Portsmouth, Virginia

Commodore Richard Dale Monument

Dedicated to a veritable Houdini among P.O.W.s who escaped imprisonment on five separate occasions.
East Arnhem, Australia

Wurrwurrwuy Stone Arrangements

This small but unique site depicts part of an arguably underrepresented part of Australia's early connections to the seafaring communities to its north.
Waltham, Massachusetts

Lyman Estate Greenhouses

These beautiful garden buildings are among the oldest surviving greenhouses in the United States.
Tirolo, Italy

Erdpyramide in Tirol

These unique "earth pyramid" clay columns can be found in ravines around the village of Tirolo.
Reykjavik, Iceland

Ingibjörg H. Bjarnason Statue

The first woman to become a member of the parliament of Iceland.
Štrpce, Kosovo

Narcis Hotel

As of 2022, the 124 rooms of Kosovo ski resort remain empty.
London, England

St. Leonard’s Court Air Raid Shelter

This small, round building is the entrance to a bomb shelter built in anticipation of World War II.
Garretson, South Dakota

Palisades State Park

The cliff and rock formations are made out of Sioux Quartzite.
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Tour de l'Échangeur

Also known as the Limete Tower, la Tour de l'Échangeur can be seen from almost everywhere in Kinshasa.
Dunedin, Florida

Mosaic House of Dunedin

In this Florida couple's cottage, nearly every surface—inside and out—is covered in mosaic artwork.
London, England

Victorian Bath House

This 19th-century Turkish bath house survived the Blitz of London and is now an events venue.