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Catania, Italy

Elephant Fountain

A mysterious ancient elephant said to possess magic powers is now the symbol of a Sicilian city.
Neo Chorio, Cyprus

Aphrodite's Bath

Legend holds that the Ancient Greek goddess of love once bathed in the waters of this grotto.
Kouklia, Cyprus

Aphrodite's Rock

This sea stack in Cyprus is traditionally seen as the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite.
Omodos, Cyprus

Linos tou Charilaou (Omodos Wine Press)

This medieval wine press is one of the oldest in Cyprus.
Syracuse, Italy

Fountain of Arethusa

According to Greek mythology, this natural spring is the home of a freshwater nymph.
Saint Annes, England

Sand Dunes of St. Anne's

On moonless nights, it's said that you can still hear the church bell of a village that was swept out of the dunes and lost to the rising sea.
London, England

Croham Hurst Woods

Late Mesolithic settlements and Bronze Age burials have been excavated at this ancient woodland on the top of a hill.
Chislehurst, England

Chislehurst Caves

Shakespeare, David Bowie, Dr. Who, the Saxons, Druids and Romans are all claimed to have all made their mark on these massive man made tunnels.
Icod de los Vinos, Spain

Drago Milenario

This local emblem is the oldest and largest dragon tree in the Canary Islands.
Güímar, Spain

Pyramids of Guimar

Lava stone structures possibly dating back to the 19th century may have been a stopping point for voyagers between ancient Egypt and the Mayan Civilization.
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Asen Dynasty Monument

An homage to the medieval rulers of Bulgaria.
St Neot, England

Carnglaze Caverns

A haunted slate mine turned concert hall and a hidden fairy garden.
Dunsfold, England

St Mary's and All Saints Church & Holy Well

An ancient yew tree and holy well nestle beside a remarkable 13th-century church.
London, England

'The Wisdom of Solomon' Stone Pyramid

This mysterious pyramid is said to be part of a complex web of occult and Freemason symbols.
Farnham, England

Mother Ludlam's Cave

This place is the subject of local legends about a good witch and a Celtic God.
Oxford, England

Pitt Rivers Museum

Ancient Egyptian wigs, South American feather headdresses, a bounty of anthropological artifacts in Oxford.
London, England

Word on the Water

This 1920s Dutch barge is now a floating bookstore.
Lumbini Sanskritik, Nepal

Ashoka Pillar, Lumbini

Designed to honor the birthplace of Buddha.
Harbin, China

Unit 731 Museum

An impactful museum ensures notorious war crimes disguised as "medical experimentation" won't soon be forgotten.
Harbin, China

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

One of the world's largest ice festivals dazzles visitors for over a month with radiant sculptures and carvings.
Beijing, China

Tian Yi's Tomb

The burial grounds of a Chinese eunuch who served his way into the highest levels of Imperial government.
Beijing, China

The World Park

Beijing's World Park offers the excitement of international sites without the travel.
Beijing, China

Ming Dynasty Tombs

Ming Dynasty necropolis raided during the Cultural Revolution.
Beijing, China

The Forbidden City

The most famous location in China was home to whole dynasties worth of imperial rulers.