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Sanquhar, Scotland

Sanquhar Castle

A 13th-century stronghold that has fallen into ruin.
Failford, Scotland

Peden's Cave

A historic cave in Scotland once served as a hiding place for a famous Covenanter.
East Ayrshire, Scotland

Dunaskin Ironworks

Wonderfully preserved Victorian factory, complete with a preserved steam powered engine house.
Dunure, Scotland

Dunure Labyrinth

This modern labyrinth lies in the shadow of a ruined medieval castle.
South Ayrshire, Scotland

Electric Brae Gravity Hill Illusion

An optical Illusion once believed to be an electrical phenomenon.
Lendalfoot, Scotland

Varyag Memorial

A monument to a Russian cruiser near its final resting place off the Ayrshire Coast.
Girvan, Scotland

Snib's Cave

Near this coastal cave stands a small memorial to the hermit who made it his home for three decades.
Creetown, Scotland

Glenquicken Stone Circle

A gap marks the spot where a now-missing stone once completed the circular arrangement at this Neolithic site.
Dumfries, Scotland

Big Water of Fleet Viaduct

This 900-foot structure with 20 arches crossing a Scottish river was built in the late 19th century.
Cutcloy, Scotland

'Wicker Man' Stumps

The remnants of a classic 1970's British film.
Mochrum, Scotland

Druchtag Mote

Nine hundred years ago, this was the home of a feudal lord. Today all that remains is a steep mound surrounded by a deep moat.
Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

Chapel Finian

Named after a 6th-century saint, who was also a scholar.
Sandhead, Scotland

Kirkmadrine Stones

Dating back to the 500s, these stones include some of the oldest Christian memorials in Scotland.
Portpatrick, Scotland

Dunskey Castle

The ruins of a 12th-century seaside castle on the southwest coast of Scotland.

Kenmure Castle

Believed to be the birthplace of John Balliol.
Foss, England

Lythe Mill

The ruins of a 19th-century corn mill are haunted by a malevolent cave-dwelling spirit.
Whitby, England

Old Mulgrave Castle

This historic castle was already in ruins by the 13th century.
Goathland, England

Goathland Station

Harry Potter’s Hogsmeade Station is also a charming blast from the past situated in North Yorkshire.
Durham, England

Sanctuary Knocker

Hundreds of years ago, this lion-shaped door knocker could help a person accused of a crime find temporary safe haven in Durham Cathedral.
Durham, England

Rookhope Arch

This magnificent arch is all that remains of a former smelt mill.
Rookhope, England

Groverake Mine

Only the headframes remain from this mining operation, once one of the largest in the region.
Allendale Town, England

Neil Cole's Adventures in Science Fiction: Museum of Sci-fi

Aliens and monsters lurk inside this museum dedicated to one man's lifelong adoration of all things sci-fi.
Durham, England

Marquess of Londonderry Statue

A monument with a strange legend involving a horse's tongue.
Peterlee, England

Devil's Lapstone

This moss-covered boulder is said to be part of a diabolical plant to sabotage the Durham Cathedral's foundation.