Van Gogh’s study of hands. (Image: Vincent Van Gogh/Public domain)

A publisher in Paris has announced that it will publish a set of Vincent Van Gogh’s sketches, only recently discovered and never before released to the public.

The sketches will be published in November, under the title The Fog of Arles, according to Seuil, the publisher. A Seuil representative told AFP that the sketches are “stunning, dazzling.”

Beyond that, the details of where the sketches came from or how they were found are…sketchy. From AFP:

“No further information will be divulged until the world press conference to be held in Paris in mid-November 2016 on the eve of the book’s arrival in bookstores in the various countries,” Seuil said in a statement.

Expectations, raised. Now that they’ve cast these drawings in a shroud of mystery and hype, those sketches better be pretty amazing. 

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