The pencil, before it was moved (Photo: l.madhavan/Flickr)

On one corner of the Purdue University campus in Lafayette, Indiana, is a park full of sculptures—the sort of place that’s perfect for frisbee golf. Earlier this year, a new sculpture was added to the grounds: a giant pencil that was previously placed elsewhere on campus and meant to “highlight the accomplishments of Purdue’s Online Writing Lab,” the Purdue Exponent reports.

But now the pencil is missing.

A library staff member reported the statue’s disappearance; it took a few days for anyone to notice it had gone. 

The pencil is made of wood, stands 12 feet tall, and weighs 200 pounds, according to the Exponent. So far, there’s little hint as to where it might have gone. If you happen to come across the 12-foot pencil, you are encouraged to report your discovery to the Purdue Police Department by calling 765-494-8221.

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