In Indianapolis and Muncie, Indiana, a series of golden toilets have begun popping up. There may be as many as 25—one of the original toilet finds was labeled 8/25 and another 15/25.

WRTV reports, “It’s not clear who placed the toilets or why.”

But they do have a political message: each toilet has “Take a Trump!” written on its tank.

The Indy Channel is tracking the toilets as they appear:

This is not the first Trump-related golden toilet project. Back in October, a group based in Chicago, the Birch Reincliff Art Collective, placed 25 golden toilets around Chicago. We’ve contacted the group to ask if this is part of the same project—or an independent effort to create political commentary through golden toilet art.

Update 5/4: A collective called the Artfinksters has taken credit for the Indiana toilets.