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10 Farms That Are Works of Art

These picturesque landscapes also provide sustenance.

Often, when we hear the word farm, images of roaming animals, hay bales stacked in rows, and fields of produce stretching for miles come to mind. While farms can be rough and rugged, heavy on dirt and manure, many are also home to vistas of unparalleled natural beauty. Some appear as though they were plucked from a painting and set upon the landscape. 

In Qujing, China—an area known as the “Red Land”—a technicolor collection of crops sprout from vibrant red dirt that’s been oxidized by iron. The entire area looks as though it were altered through Photoshop. At the Canary Islands’ Fuencaliente Saltworks, small, uniformed squares collect mounds of porcelain-colored salt from the ocean. From webbed-shaped rice paddies in Indonesia to a historic garden that once belonged to a United States president, here are 10 picturesque farms that are also works of art.