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Rogue Routes

A winter celebration of the rogue spirit.

A 3D rendering of a book with a dark blue map on the cover titled Rogue Routes.


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Once-in-a-lifetime drive-in and livestream experiences.
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Rogue Stories
More Stories to Inspire from Atlas Obscura
The Weird, Dangerous, Isolated Life of the Saturation Diver
One of the world's most hazardous jobs is known for its intense pressure.
25.3043, 90.0659
The Snorkeling Grannies of New Caledonia
They're senior citizens turned citizen scientists. And their work is changing marine biology, one sea snake at a time.
20.9043, 165.618
Minnesota's 'Root Beer Lady' Lived Alone in a Million-Acre Wilderness
The "loneliest woman in America" brewed root beer for thousands of visitors.
47.8738, -92.3593
These French Falconers Are a Family Act
Their diverse, globetrotting work is equal parts science and spectacle.
42.8708, 2.5554
Can America’s Premier Lightning Lab Revive Its Renegade Spirit?
“We want to continue triggering lightning. We’re in no way done with that.”
33.9753, -107.1819
Mexico's All-Female Mariachi Bands Are Shaking Up Tradition
The genre is moving beyond its machismo-fueled roots.
20.6243, 103.3212
In São Tomé, a Pop Star Helps Keep Sea Turtles Off the Dinner Table
A hit single is benefiting an endangered species.
0.1864, 6.6131
The Cherokee Chefs Bringing Back North America’s Lost Cuisine
Researching traditional foods led them to the revelations of an archaeological dig in Kentucky.
36.1588, -95.9921
Remembering When Women Ruled a Wild West Town
In 1920 the "bad-man rendezvous" of Jackson, Wyoming, elected an all-female government. Will it be another hundred years till that happens again?
43.4799, 110.7624
Meet the United States’s Only Female Lighthouse Keeper
Sally Snowman belongs to a tradition of freedom, loneliness, and pride.
42.3279, 70.8902