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Cuatrociénegas Municipality, Mexico

Poza Azul

A spectrum of colors awaits visitors to one of Mexico's most gorgeous bodies of water.
Prague, Czechia


The medieval "Bearded Man" relief still serves as a clever flood warning marker.
Barnegat Township, New Jersey

Cedar Bridge Tavern

The oldest surviving bar in the United States, located at the site of the last skirmish of the American Revolution.
Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

Elliðaey Island Lodge

Internet rumors, often involving Icelandic singer Bjork, have abounded regarding this isolated outcrop of rock.
Madrid, Spain

Obelisk of Arganzuela

Built to celebrate the glory of a new queen, this forgotten monument has moved around Madrid three times, reflecting 200 years of political whims and city redevelopment.
Tustin, California

Little Tree Church

A very tiny church, bisected by a now-dead oak tree and marooned in the middle of a shopping center parking lot.
Madrid, Spain

Toilet Cabinet of Ferdinand VII

The Spanish king's private bathroom embraced the idea of a porcelain throne.
Monterrey, Mexico

Librería CONARTE

A honeycomb-like structure of interlocking shelves creates a beehive of books.
Zempoala, Mexico

Zona Arqueológica Cempoala

Palace, temple, and pyramid ruins mark the ancient Mesoamerican capital of Totonacapan.
Singapore, Singapore

‘From Chettiars to Financiers’

A unique, time-transcending work of art depicting the progress of trade in Singapore.
Davis, Oklahoma

Collings Castle

What was once a summer home next to a waterfall has now become littered with graffiti and children in swimsuits.
Orlando, Florida

Wells'Built Museum

During segregation, this Orlando hotel hosted performers like Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Now it's a museum dedicated to preserving local Black history.
Wassaic, New York

Wassaic Beehive Charcoal Kilns

These conical kilns measure an impressive 30 feet in diameter, and were once used to produce charcoal for a local blast furnace.
Combs, Arkansas

False Crypts of Brashears Cemetery

There are no bodies inside these stone coffins. And there never were.
Alatskivi, Estonia

Alatskivi Castle

A wealthy aristocratic family built this Disney-worthy, fairy-tale castle.
Tokorozawa, Japan

Kadokawa Musashino Museum

This airy five-floor library and museum houses thousands of books and rotating exhibits on Japanese monsters and anime.
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Jorullo Bridge

A 1542-foot-long suspension bridge offers scenic mountain views.
Torrig, Denmark


An air of mystery pervades this modern-day singing Stonehenge.
Pueblo, Colorado

Pueblo Neon Alley

Check out a hidden collection of vintage neon signs.
Salvador, Brazil

Forte de Santo Antônio da Barra

This 17th-century Portuguese fort now houses a nautical museum.
Fremantle, Australia

Rainbow Sea Container

This work of public art symbolizes the maritime history and the modern creative industry in Fremantle.
Glen Forrest, Australia

Devil's Terror Cutting

A feat of railway engineering required to bypass a muddy quagmire.
London, England

Dog and Pot Sculpture

A recreation of a sign that Charles Dickens used to see on his walk home.
Yeosu, South Korea

Jangdo Island

Low tide reveals an ocean bridge to an island full of art.