There’s nothing the Atlas Obscura community loves more than a surprising story hiding in plain sight, a wondrous tale either forgotten by history or overlooked today, just waiting to be uncovered by the curious.

Too often, the stories of women are the ones that have gotten lost over the years: names left out of the history books, replaced by “his wife” or “his mother” or “his daughter,” or simply erased. In celebration of Women’s History Month 2022, the editors, authors, artists, and community contributors of Atlas Obscura have come together to craft a new history of women.

For the next 31 days, we’ll be telling her stories, highlighting women who helped shaped the world as we know it—and ones who are changing the world right now. We’ll visit every continent and travel across the millennia. We’ll sneak through World War II minefields in the Philippines with a fearless Allied spy, hang by our teeth with Paris’s most celebrated 19th-century aerialist, and trek to the South Pole with the first woman of color to make the arduous trip alone. She did it last month.

We’ll remember the women who fought segregation on the streets of Detroit, championed Indigenous rights in Ecuador, and rescued Tutsis from genocide in Rwanda. And we’ll meet the scholars who are putting women back into every story—from the pirate ships of the high seas to the thrones of the medieval Middle East—with our Q&A series She Was There.

Join us and rediscover the history you thought you knew.